#Throwback: Sekolah Menengah Masin Study Visit

What’s more fun and exciting is we cherish and look back to our good memories happened in the past.

#THROWBACK for a study visit from Sekolah Menegah Masin!

It will always be a pleasure to give service and a warm hosting to our beloved hospitality and travel & tourism students of Sekolah Menegah Masin. These students had an amazing educational tour @ StarLodge and experienced towel tutorial with help of our housekeeping staff and learned how to make awesome refreshing cordial and smoothies with the help of our F&B staff. Not only these students enjoyed but as well as with their amazing teachers to try out the tutorials.

Towel tutorial with housekeeping staff


Lime with blue curacao tutorial with F&B staff


Banana smoothie tutorial with F&B staff


Thank you for choosing StarLodge! Looking forward to your next visit!